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Q & A

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How long do rabbits live?

4-7 years is the average but some household rabbits can live up to 14 years.

What are good treats to give my new bunny?

Banana, Kale, Apple, Oats, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, and lets not forget Carrot.

My new pet rabbit is loosing its coat in patches. What do I do?!

This is a completely natural thing known as molting. Molting is when a rabbit slips its coat at the change of seasons (similar to a dog or cat). It may look a little funny or be lighter in color then the rest of he rabbits fur and come out it chunks. However, this is a completely harmless occurrence. Nothing to worry about! Just be sure to give your little friend lots of hay because it helps their digestion system.

Why is my rabbit biting?

There are many reasons why you rabbit could be biting. Some times a rabbit will nip at you to let you know they are getting to hot or need to pee. Other times a rabbit can bite out of aggression. A common reason for aggression in a rabbit is being mishandled or over handled when they are younger or just moving homes. Just be gentle with your bunny but know some rabbits are more prone to biting then others.

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