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How one bunny changed my life

There once was a wild cottontail rabbit who liked to eat the clover and flowers in the yard of a farmhouse. He liked to hop and play with his friends all around the farm. Every morning he would hop through the fence and into the flower garden where he felt the dew on his whiskers and the sunshine on his nose.

 He soon came to realize the humans who lived in the farmhouse liked to watch him play. So every morning he would make sure to play in view of the window so the little girls could see him. 

One bright morning when the window was open and the girls were eating cereal, he overheard them talking about him. "Awe look, it's our breakfast bunny," said the younger girl. The bunny perked its ears up and looked at them with curiosity. Both girls ran excitedly to their glass back door to get a better view as they usually did. The breakfast bunny did not know what to think of this, but when he saw their happy faces pressed against the glass of the farmhouse door him he couldn't help but feel excited himself. He was their breakfast bunny. 

Proud to have this title, he made sure to come back every day for the little girls. He lived a happy life and visited the garden of the 

farmhouse every day for many years. 

BREAKFAST BUNNY was the reason I took such a liking to rabbits and soon after became the reason I wanted to get my own rabbit. When I was six years old I did chores around the house and on the farm for a year to earn enough money to buy a rabbit and all of the supplies needed to take care of it. We used a sticker chart template to track my progress. My Mom taught me that through hard work you can achieve your dreams. I have found that to be very true in life so far. I got my first rabbit (Bella) from Jill Pfaff who became my mentor and close friend over the years of breeding and raising dutch rabbits. 

In Bella's first litter she produced a 3 time best in show-winning Steel doe named Briolette. At the age of 9, I used $300 of show winnings from Briolette to expand my rabbit herd and the rest was history. I was so lucky to have gotten such an amazing start to launch my rabbit breeding career ad couldn't be more thankful for Jill and her beautiful dutch program.

 Bella was all a six-year-old girl could ever ask for. She was the start of my passion for Dutch rabbits and the start of Much Dutch Rabbity. I hope to share my lifelong love of Dutch Rabbits through my business and hope that the rabbits from my barn can minister to you as much as they have ministered to me.

                                                       ~ Kristine

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