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Welcome to Much Dutch Rabbitry

National Champion Dutch Rabbits

Events You’ll Love


What? One of my favorite local rabbit shows.

When? 9/18/21

Where? Deschutes county fairgrounds in the HDCS building.


What? Crazy Eight Rabbit and Cavy Breeders Association

When? 10/30/21

Where? McMinnville, OR

For Sale

Pet Quality Dutch


Show Quality Dutch


Quality Dutch in black, blue, chocolate, grey, steel, and tort (Can be Shown 4-H and ARBA comes with pedigree and tattoo)

Spectacular all-natural rabbit poo fertilizer

$50 for 5 gallons

Hand made fertilizer for your garden. This spectacular all-natural coffee and rabbit poo fertilizer will put nutrients back into the soil with out using chemicals.

Comes in black, blue, chocolate, grey, steel, and tort. (Can not be shown and does not come with pedigree or tattoo)


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